I wanna be your safe place

All that i was
All that i am
All that i hope to be

DM, college-aged fluid Muslim just trying not to drown in feels and reality.

Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, BOMB GIRLS (SOMEONE JUST KILL ME PLEASE), Doctor Who, Glee, the Hunger Games, the Tolkien 'verse, Disney galore. Lots of Lana Parrilla (it just happened guys, idek how) and other cool/funny/smart/awesome people. Lost Girl, OITNB, Wicked, Rizzoli and Isles, Lost, plus various other movies/books/etc. that may crop up from time to time (e.g. House, Charmed, and SVU have been retired lol). Cats, nature, pretty things, thoughtful things, important things. And funny. Lots and lots of funny.
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